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Hyper-realism Microblading

What is Hyper-realism Microblading?

I am fully qualified in Hyper-realism Brow Microblading; a form of semi-permanent makeup. Trained by BrowJam in Dundee, this signature technique adds fine hair-like strokes to existing brows, to achieve the utmost natural look.

Microblading is an invasive procedure that involves minor breakage of the skin using a small handheld tool. Hair like incisions are made and then filled with pigment to mimic the natural brow hair.

What does Microblading involve?

A patch test is required, at least 48 hours before your first appointment. Ideally I'll see you much sooner than this, to complete some paperwork and ensure you are suitable for this treatment. 

You can expect the results of Microblading to last on average 1 to 3 years. Once the treatment is finished it will take roughly 14 days for the healing process to complete, and you will be expected to follow an after-care procedure. Not following the suggested aftercare, can affect the healing and life of your new brows, so is strongly suggested.

Microblading is a two-part treatment, and you will be required to come back between 6 - 8 weeks post treatment to have a top up. 

Who is suitable for Microblading?

This type of Microblading is most suitable for those with a normal skin type and fine, flat brow hair.

It is not suitable for anyone with old/existing permanent makeup on their brows; the natural style will not cover past work.

You must be over the age of 18 and not pregnant or nursing.

Anyone with certain health conditions/taking some types of medication may not be suitable and won't be considered without their Doctors permission.

How much does it cost?

The price includes both the initial appointment, and your top-up appointment at 6-8 weeks.

This service will be conducted from a room in Lux Hair & Beauty Salon in Turriff one Friday per month initially.

August 2024 Costs

Full set, and top-up at 6-8 weeks £275.00 (120 mins)

Top-up only £125.00 (60 mins)

Book now, with a £50 deposit.

Hyperrealism Microblading Enquiry
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